Incorporating new geospatial techniques and tools, our GIS team prides itself on delivering quality spatial and tabular data for a wide variety of clients and research driven projects. Our geospatial professionals fill a variety of roles within all our services. With both in-house and cloud-based data storage we thrive on creating workflows that expedite results while ensuring data security and quality. Incorporating easy to use front end deployable mobile field data collection to designing custom surveys and data dictionaries we can accommodate the client’s needs. Through this approach project managers and clients can see live trends and track the projects progress in real time. Staying up to date on current geospatial technology Copperhead always looks for new and innovative ways to collect, process, analyze, and report new and exciting geospatial data.

Related Services

  • Geodatabase design and management
  • Habitat modeling
  • Data management and integration
  • Custom web and app-based data collection and processing
  • Spatial and statistical analysis
  • Custom cartographic map production


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