Copperhead started from humble beginnings, opening the doors in 2004 with only one employee: our CEO and his specialization in endangered bat surveys. From there we have evolved and grown into a passionate and dedicated collection of scientists, technical specialists, and brilliant minds. Together we guide public, private, and government agency clients through projects from start to finish.

Copperhead Consulting Boots

The world is a challenging place with unstable economics and social unrest but added to that are the complex environmental issues faced by our clients. It is our purpose to advance a conservation ethic, inspire biological curiosity, and drive environmental innovation by being the subject matter experts who provide quality services to every project. Backed by regulatory knowledge and years of experience, our multidisciplinary team provides our clients with confidence to make informed environmental decisions that are defensible, thus reducing the uncertainties of today.

In our dedication to our values, we conduct research to contribute to the body of science. As experts in our field, we support a continued learning atmosphere to develop the next generation of environmental planners, biologists, and scientists. We also pride ourselves on our personal dedication to our community and lead by example in our donations, fundraisers, and the conservation of historic buildings in our area.

Community Commitments

We care as deeply for our neighborhood as we do for the earth. So, just as we have put in effort to protect the environment, we have also put that effort into the safeguard of our town.

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Devotion to Bat Ecology

Our people dedicate much of themselves to our projects and services but are still scientists at heart. As such, there have been great efforts to deepen our understanding of bats, their migration, diseases that affect them, and how they live.

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