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BrandenBark™ is an artificial bark used as a mitigation/habitat enhancement tool specifically designed for long term habitat improvement for bark roosting bats, including the federally endangered Indiana bat. Two additional bat species, the northern long-eared bat and the little brown bat, are currently under review for listing by USFWS and have also been found to utilize BrandenBark™.

The development of BrandenBark™ is a result of several years of intense research and monitoring by Copperhead Consulting working with an Indiana bat maternity colony. During the study, BrandenBark™ roosts were used by the colony within months of construction. BrandenBark™ requires little to no maintenance, is easy to monitor, cost effective, and has been accepted by the USFWS as a mitigation tool. It can be used in virtually any scenario and on any project including, but not limited to, transportation projects, transmission lines, coal permits, wetland and stream restoration projects, and can be used by land managers to improve/restore habitat for existing Indiana bat colonies.

In addition, this mitigation tool can be easily implemented within most project footprints, eliminating the need for the purchase of additional property. Copperhead Consulting has the experience and regulatory credibility to design, develop, and implement mitigation strategies to ensure your project’s success.

Copperhead offers the following services:
NEPA, ESA, and CWA Coordination and Compliance
Mitigation Planning
Mitigation Site Assessment
Habitat Management Plans and Consultation
BrandenBark™ Roost Structures
Placement, construction, and monitoring of BrandenBark™ structures