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Wetland Services

Copperhead maintains a multi-disciplinary team to provide a full range of wetland/stream delineation services for our clients. The team includes botanists, aquatic scientists, endangered species specialists, delineation technicians, and GIS/GPS experts. Collectively, these individuals represent over a century of delineation and project experience having served scores of clients in this capacity. With our staff of experienced wetland scientists, Copperhead is dedicated to providing you with the highest standard of service.


Copperhead maintains a readiness to deploy delineation teams where and when you need them. These highly trained and mobile teams are equipped with the latest GPS technology to accurately capture delineation boundaries without the need for additional survey teams. This information can be uploaded from the field daily and processed quickly for immediate use and integration with your GIS. This places accurate information in your hands when you need it.

Every passing year sees increased federal and state regulations that further constrain development options and facility operations. Copperhead monitors the release of new regulations as well as the pulse of the regulatory body. Our understanding of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and State regulatory environments can be your greatest asset when planning a new project. While “Plan Early and Often” may sound like another cliché, Copperhead believes that ferreting out regulatory issues early reduces red tape delays and profit loss.

Mitigation can be required for even the smallest of projects. While the use of mitigation banks and in-lieu fee programs are often preferable, they are not always available. Our mitigation design and creation team has decades of experience creating wetlands and stream habitats.

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