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  • Indiana Bat Autumn Migration- Indiana

    Continuous capture and radio-tracking of Indiana bats in northeastern Indiana from 26 Aug – 10 Oct 2015 resulted in the migration tracking of 2 female Indiana bats for one night each. On separate nights, each traveled almost 200km south into Kentucky where they both stopped at a […]
  • Indiana Bat Spring Migration – Tennessee

    Since 2009, the highly trained staff at Copperhead Consulting have radio-tagged female Indiana bats at their hibernacula in Tennessee and tracked them via aerial and ground crews as they migrated to their summer maternity colonies. In addition to locating several previously unknown maternity colonies and making connections […]
  • Indiana Bat Maternity Colony Monitoring – Ft. Knox, KY

    Since 2005, Copperhead Consulting has discovered and monitored Indiana bat colonies on Ft. Knox in north-central Kentucky. Bats are caught in mist-nets either on the landscape or at known roost trees during the maternity season, radio-tagged, and tracked to diurnal roosts and during nocturnal foraging activities. Ongoing […]
  • Indiana Bat Autumn Migration – Ft. Knox, KY

    In 2011, Copperhead Consulting radio-tagged and tracked female Indiana bats as they migrated to their hibernacula. Monitoring of the colony for the dispersal was a long drawn out and arduous process which required frequent aerial tracking. Final migration was documented via aircraft with a ground crew confirming […]
  • Effect of Acoustic Lure on Bat Captures

    In order to increase the capture rate of bats during mist-netting, and in particular, Indiana bats, Copperhead Consulting has been testing the effectiveness of acoustic lure playback at net sites. The majority of the testing has been conducted at Ft. Knox in north-central Kentucky, but has been […]
  • Virginia Big-Eared Bat Spring Migration – Eastern Kentucky

    In two years, Copperhead Consulting collected female Virginia big-eared bats (VBEB) from hibernacula or mist-netted roads near known hibernacula in the spring and radio-tracked them as they foraged and migrated to summer caves. Multiple ground crews were in place to collect nightly behavior data, including identifying foraging […]
  • Rafinesque’s Big-Eared Bat and Southeastern Myotis Roost Site Selection – Ft. Bragg, NC

    For six years, Copperhead Consulting mist-netted at Ft. Bragg and Camp Mackall in the sandhills of North Carolina in compliance with the installation’s Integrated Natural Resources Management Plan (INRMP). In addition to creating a bat species list for the installation, any Rafinesque’s big-eared bats (CORA) or southeastern […]
  • Bat Survey – Bladen Nature Preserve, Belize, Central America

    For five years, Copperhead Consulting traveled to Belize to conduct bat surveys along an elevation gradient up the Maya Mountains. While staying at the Belize Foundation for Research and Environmental Education (BFREE), Copperhead biologists ran mist-netting stations for visiting college groups to introduce them to Belizean bats […]
  • Bat Survey and Northern Long-Eared Bat Tracking – Arnold Air Force Base, TN

    Copperhead conducted Indiana bat surveys on the base in 2012 and a northern long-eared bat roosting ecology study in 2014 where bats were captured and tracked to diurnal roosts. These roosts and the surrounding habitat were described and compared to random plots to help determine roost characteristics […]
  • Bat Survey with Emphasis on Gray Bats, Indiana Bats, and Northern Long-Eared Bats – Ft. McClellan, AL

    Copperhead Consulting has conducted multiple surveys for bats on Ft. McClellan since 2007 as part of the installation’s Integrated Natural Resources Management Plan (INRMP). The installation is an important pathway for a federally endangered gray bat population. In addition to monitoring the population of gray bats as […]
  • Bat Survey and Tracking Indiana and Evening Bats – Camp Atterbury, IN

    In 2010, Copperhead Consulting mist-netted for bats on Camp Atterbury as part of a periodic monitoring of the known Indiana bat colony on the property.  In addition to radio-tagging and tracking female Indiana bats to diurnal roosts, these data were also collected for radio-tagged female evening bats.  […]
  • All Taxa Surveys – Kentucky

    Copperhead Consulting has conducted several all taxa surveys throughout the state of Kentucky as part of a requirement for purchasing land through the Kentucky Natural Lands Trust.  All species of snails, fish, mammals (small, meso, large, bats), birds, herptiles (i.e., reptiles and amphibians) and plants encountered are […]
  • Bat Survey and Diurnal Roost Searches, Multiple Species – Bernheim Arboretum & Research Forest, KY

    As part of an environmental education outreach, Copperhead Consulting organized and ran a bat class in the fall that included an indoor presentation and a field component where people could visit mist-net sites and see bats.  The public was also invited to witness the radio-tagging of several […]
  • Monitor for PIT-Tagged Indiana Bats at Caves – Southern Indiana

    Indiana bats were PIT-tagged at Camp Atterbury in south-central Indiana in the summer, and it was not known where they spent the winter.  Copperhead Consulting erected PIT-tag readers at three known Indiana bat hibernacula in southern Indiana in an attempt to document any of these PIT-tagged bats […]
  • Test Anthropogenic Stimuli on Myotine Bats – Kentucky

    Copperhead Consulting caught bats on Ft. Knox and a control site in Spencer County to collect blood samples and radio-track to diurnal roosts as part of a multi-site project to determine if bats were stressed by military noise.
  • Snake Tracking – Kentucky

    Copperhead Consulting PIT-tagged and radio-tagged snakes in order to determine home range and habitat use.  
  • Hibernating Bat Counts – Kentucky

    Every year, Copperhead Consulting assists with the Indiana bat hibernacula counts, including rappelling into caves and navigating complex cave systems while identifying all bats encountered.