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Water/Soil Sampling & Monitoring

  • Seep and spring survey and surface and ground water monitoring

    Northern Tennessee Copperhead conducted a seep and spring survey for a proposed coal mine in northern Tennessee.  After completing the survey copperhead conducted follow up soil and surface water quality monitoring. This project utilized the following services: Water and Soil Sampling and Monitoring Project Gallery:
  • Quality monitoring and site surveys for Crossville Mine

    Tennessee Copperhead biologists surveyed the primary stream and its tributaries searching for seeps and streams entering the creek from the mine site.  Personnel traveled upstream so as not to disturb the water being sampled when possible.  Each stream was followed and sampled upstream to the point that […]
  • Blackside Dace Protection and Enhancement Plan

    Davis Creek, Tennessee Copperhead Consulting was hired to develop a Protection and Enhancement Plan for the blackside dace within the watershed of proposed mining activities located in the Davis Creek system of Campbell County, TN. The federally threatened blackside dace (Phoxinus cumberlandensis) had been previously documented in […]