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U.S. Department of the Army – Rare Bat Inventory

Fort Bragg, NC

Beginning in 2004, Copperhead Consulting was hired to develop and implement a multi-year bat survey of the Fort Bragg Military Installation as a requirement of the 1960 Sikes Act. Of the ten bat species currently known from Fort Bragg, the southeastern bat (Myotis austroriparius) and Rafinesque’s Big-eared bat (Corynorhinus rafinesquii) are federally listed as species of special concern and may be proposed for federal listing as threatened or endangered in the future. The survey was designed to determine if these species are present on the installation and, if so, to document their habitat requirements on the base. Locations where bats could be captured within suitable habitats throughout Fort Bragg were identified. Initial surveys (2004 – 2007) were conducted during spring and summer; surveys conducted since 2008 have been conducted during spring and fall. Over the five years of subsequent survey effort, a total of 37 sites have been sampled resulting in the capture of 839 bats. The southeastern bat has been captured in every survey year, and roost trees have been located and characterized since 2006. Individual Rafinesque’s Big-eared bats and their roosts have been documented since 2006. This was the first bat inventory conducted on Fort Bragg and efforts are scheduled to continue during the summer and fall of 2010.

This project utilized the following services:
Bat Survey, Environmental Regulation