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Large Linear Bat Survey

Northwest Ohio

In the summer of 2015, Copperhead Consulting conducted mist-net and radio telemetry surveys for Indiana and northern long-eared bats along an 80 km proposed gas line in north west Ohio.  Copperhead biologists conducted desk top and ground based habitat assessments to identify potential habitat of listed bats.  A total of 35 sites were surveyed in the summer of 2015. The mist-net survey was completed in accordance with the 2015 Range-wide Indiana Bat Summer Survey Guidelines and the 2015 Ohio Division of Wildlife and USFWS (OH Field Office) Guidance for Bat Permitted Biologists.  Survey effort resulted in the capture of 149 bats, including Indiana and northern long-eared bats.  Radio telemetry was conducted on two Indiana bats and two northern long-eared bats in order to locate diurnal roost sites, resulting in the identification of 14 roost trees.  Data from the mist-net survey and radio telemetry efforts were interpreted and summarized in final report and submitted to USFWS and ODNR.

This project utilized following services:

Bat Surveys