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Copperhead Goes to Central America


In May 2008, Mark and Price traveled to the Belize Foundation for Research and Environmental Education (BFREE) as an outreach project to inventory bat species and assist in the construction of a jungle observation tower.

Together with Dan Dourson, a dry season BFREE resident, Mark and Price documented the presence of 26 species of bats, identified four roost sites for two bat species, and completed two sections of the 85 foot high tower.

Copperhead returned in April of 2009 to document the bats the 97,000-acre Bladen Nature Preserve. During this study, Mark, Price, Piper, Steven, Dan, and Rex spent 4 unsupported days out in the bush sampling the local chiropterofauna and getting sampled in turn by the local flora and fauna. During this time, 19 species were captured at seven mist net sites.

The Copperhead staff was assisted by students from Lakeland College and the University of North Carolina at Wilmington, BFREE staff, and Ed. Mark and Price express their appreciation to BFREE and especially Judy and Dan Dourson, who were instrumental with their trip planning and watched over their jungle activities. Additionally, they extend their thanks to the BFREE cooking staff: Esme, Tom, Ed, Julia, Steven, Jacob, and Kelley, who helped feed them, observe wildlife, in construction of the tower, and provided singing, artwork, and lodging. It was a great experience and we hope to return in the spring of 2010. More information on BFREE can be found at bfreebz.org.

This project utilized the following services:
Bat Survey