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Cherokee National Forest Rare Plant (Vascular and Nonvascular) Survey

Cherokee National Forest, Tennessee

Since 2007, Copperhead Consulting has been conducting rare plant surveys (TES & VC) and natural community delineations for the Cherokee National Forest (CNF) in support of their land management activities.  Beginning in 2014, Copperhead Consulting was awarded a 5 year contract.  Botanists survey approximately 1,500-2,000 acres per year, including several miles of proposed bulldozer lines, trails, and roads.  In each survey area, botanists use a meander search technique so that the vegetative communities present are fully characterized and that presence or absence of rare plants within a site can be determined.  For each survey site, botanists record a comprehensive species list, describe and delineate plant communities, and collect bryophyte specimens for lab identification.  All data is recorded on site forms and locations of bryophyte collections and rare plants are mapped using GIS.

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