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Bat Ecology Research

Bernheim Forest & Arboretum, Kentucky

As part of Copperhead Consulting’s commitment to outreach and dedication to research, we designed and completed a five-year study of the bats of Bernheim Forest & Arboretum. The Bernheim Forest is a 14,000 acre arboretum, forest, and nature preserve located in Clermont, Kentucky (south of Louisville, Kentucky). The project’s primary purpose is to bring awareness to the importance of bats and their role in the environment to the general public and to identify the ecological niche of all species found at the site throughout the year.

These goals were achieved with the help of a coalition of state and government agencies, consulting firms and interested individuals throughout the eastern United States that were brought together to participate in the research. Attempts are being made to capture bats at least once a month throughout the year.

Additionally, three weekend programs annually are designed for hands-on experience with techniques used in bat research and conservation for the general public. Participants receive lectures about different species found in the area and their importance. In addition, participants are involved in mist netting activities and experience collecting field data on animals captured. Then, radio transmitters are placed on multiple species and tracked the following day to their respective roosting location.

Descriptions of roosts assist participants to key in on roost selection differences between species. Data collected is presented at professional meetings and published in peer reviewed journals, including Cave and Karst Investigations, Indiana Bat Hibernating Caves, Kentucky – U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services, KY Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources, and KY State Nature Preserves Commission.

This project utilized the following services:
Bat Survey