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Aerial Surveys

  • Fort Drum Military Reservation – Bat Survey and Radio Telemetry Study

    Lewis and Jefferson Counties, NY In March 2015, Copperhead Consulting was contracted by the United States Army to conduct a mist net and radio telemetry study designed to determine the presence and roosting preferences of bats on the Fort Drum Military Reservation. Survey efforts primarily focused on […]
  • Foraging Data Collected by Aerial Telemetry – Fort Knox

    North Central Kentucky As part of annual monitoring of large Indiana bat maternity colonies at Ft. Knox, Copperhead collected location data of 8 foraging adult and juvenile Indiana bats for 5 nights. This resulted in the tracking of 2 juveniles that foraged across the Ohio River in […]
  • Aerial Survey for Raptor Nests

      Northwestern Tennessee Copperhead was contracted to conduct a survey for potential raptor habitat in northwestern Tennessee. Using one of Copperhead’s Cessna 172s, two Copperhead biologists flew for approximately 3 hours and 250 miles over a five-mile survey area searching for raptor nests and assessing the status […]
  • Aerial Telemetry Survey for Indiana Bats

    Southeast Ohio Copperhead was contracted to conduct aerial telemetry on Indiana bats in southeast Ohio. Indiana bats tagged by other consultant firms could not be located through traditional ground tracking methods despite several man-days of effort by these other consultants. Copperhead pilots found all bats within hours […]