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Aerial Surveys

[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text]AerialSuveysCopperhead owns and operates 2 Cessna 172 airplanes that are FAA approved for radio-telemetry work and employs two biologists that are also licensed pilots. Our extensive aerial survey experience and biological expertise can also be applied to surveys and research of animals including bats, migratory birds, raptors, and game species. Our aerial team can also provide general stream and wetland surveys as well as route development assessments in areas were access is limited or not yet granted.

Copperhead has spent the past several years perfecting the techniques necessary to study, document, and analyze the spring and fall migration patterns of Indiana and Virginia big-eared bats. Our aerial expertise has been instrumental in the discovery of new roosting and foraging areas for these species. In the past several years, Copperhead has also used its aerial telemetry experience to assist other firms in finding difficult to locate bats throughout the eastern US. When contracted, Copperhead was able to either find missing bats or assist our clients in determining that the transmitters were no longer functioning. Using aircraft to track bats has multiple benefits over ground based crews, including: covering more ground in less time, being able to access areas that would be difficult and time consuming to access on foot (e.g., mountains, bogs, isolated tracts) and saving costs by reducing the number of crews and hours required to locate bats. With the new USFWS telemetry requirements, using an aircraft to conduct searches can reduce overall level of effort by 75% and keep time sensitive projects on schedule.

Our extensive aerial survey experience and biological expertise can also be applied to surveys and research of other animals including migratory birds, raptors, and game species.

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